Braaheim & ILYAA Featuring URBANO: "Listen To Your Heart" - The Next Big Thing in Speed House/Trance


Dance Pop and Trance enthusiasts, get ready for an auditory journey like no other. "Listen To Your Heart," the groundbreaking collaboration between the sensational Braaheim and ILYAA, featuring the vocal talents of Billboard-charting duo URBANO, is setting the electronic music scene ablaze. This track is a masterclass in blending the pulsating rhythms of speed house with the euphoric melodies of trance, creating a sound that's both innovative and irresistibly catchy.

Braaheim, the dynamic Norwegian DJ duo, has been making waves in the EDM genre with their unique Apres ski music and electrifying DJ shows. With over hundreds of gigs under their belt and a presence that's been endorsed by the biggest names in the EDM community, they're not just up-and-comers; they're the future of electronic dance music. Together with ILYAA, they boast over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a testament to their widespread appeal and the infectious nature of their music.

"Listen To Your Heart" showcases their ability to craft tracks that not only dominate dance floors but also linger in the minds of listeners, thanks to its vibrant melodies and URBANO's compelling vocals. It's more than just a song; it's a movement towards the evolution of dance music, marrying the intensity of speed house with the melodic beauty of trance in a way that feels both fresh and familiar.

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