Revitalizing a Classic - The Plebs' Synthpop Cover of "Eye of the Tiger"


Retro meets modern, The Plebs have taken a bold step by releasing an electrifying cover of Survivor's iconic "Eye of the Tiger". This track is not just any cover; it’s a masterpiece of synthesis, blending classic rock vibes with contemporary electro and synthpop elements that will surely get your feet tapping.

The Plebs, consisting of TheMoonBoy06 and Angel44, have ingeniously utilized the Junior text-to-speech voice model from Mac to create the lead vocals. This unique approach not only gives a digital twist to the song but also showcases the creative possibilities within the realm of music production today.

"Eye of the Tiger" by The Plebs is more than a nostalgic trip; it's a glimpse into the future of music where technology and tradition merge seamlessly. The synthetic voice adds a fresh layer to the timeless tune, making it relevant for both new listeners and old fans craving a different flavor of their beloved anthems.

What do you think about using text-to-speech technology in music production? Could this be the new trend in revamping classic hits? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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