ELISHIA Unveils "Superhero Babe" – Your New Dance Pop Anthem


Emerging from the vibrant streets of Sydney, dark pop songstress ELISHIA drops her electrifying new single "Superhero Babe," a track that doubles as a dance pop powerhouse and an empowering personal anthem. Released today, "Superhero Babe" stands out with its hooky pop melodies, sultry vocals, and robust synth bass lines, all set to a pulsating strong beat.

ELISHIA, known for her distinctive blend of sharp vocal prowess and heavy-hitting bass lines, describes "Superhero Babe" as a "boss bitch hype up anthem." It's a song crafted to remind us that sometimes, the only superhero we need is ourselves. This single is more than just a tune to dance to; it's a pop anthem that resonates deeply with anyone who's been their biggest saboteur.

The track's release follows her successful independent singles such as "Mykonos," which amassed over 700,000 streams, and "SOLO," which earned spots on coveted playlists like Fresh Finds AU and Apple New Music. With "Superhero Babe," ELISHIA continues to cement her status as not just a songwriter and performer but as a creator of infectious rhythms that make you want to move.

Looking forward, ELISHIA is gearing up for an exciting end to the year with the upcoming release of another single co-written with producer/songwriter Cyrus Villaneuva. She's also planning a return writing trip to Canada and LA, promising more tantalizing tracks in 2023.

For fans and newcomers alike, "Superhero Babe" is a testament to ELISHIA's evolving artistry and her ability to craft tracks that are both infectious and inspiring. Whether you're looking for a new song to energize your playlist or a powerful anthem to boost your confidence, ELISHIA’s latest single is sure to deliver.

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