Jayvier's "Spacey" – A New Wave in Dance Pop


Dive into the vibrant world of Jayvier, the Melbourne-based singer/songwriter whose unique flair in the music scene shines brightly in his latest single, "Spacey." A melting pot of commercial dance pop and deep house, "Spacey" embodies Jayvier's eclectic musical influences and personal storytelling, marking a promising step in his blossoming career.

From his early days playing the trumpet in the Victoria State Concert Band to captivating audiences with his voice, Jayvier has over a decade of experience in music. His journey from band performances to songwriting has been influenced by a variety of artists, from Rob Thomas to J Balvin, shaping a sound that's both familiar and refreshingly novel.

"Spacey" and the upcoming "Body Language" draw inspiration from Jayvier's travels in Brazil, infusing vibrant rhythms with deep, melodic hooks that are sure to resonate on dance floors worldwide. Collaborating with the likes of Ilan Kidron and Christian Burgueno, Jayvier is not just following trends but setting them, aiming to craft hits that are both personal and universal.

As the music industry continues to embrace global sounds, Jayvier’s approach of blending pop sensibilities with deep house elements positions him well within the evolving landscape. His aspiration to top the Australian charts and achieve global recognition speaks to his commitment and vision, promising exciting developments for his fans and music lovers alike.

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