Labit - "Someday Faraway"


Labit, the indie-pop persona of singer-songwriter Stephen Ordonez, captivates listeners with his latest single "Someday Faraway" from the deluxe album, 'I Bet It's Still All A Dream'. This track is a sweet serenade to his muse, Autumn, reflecting a blend of lo-fi pop and adult contemporary vibes. The song’s minimalistic production enhances its romantic allure, making it a perfect addition to any love-themed playlist.

"Someday Faraway" epitomizes simplicity and emotional depth, aligning with the tender soundscapes reminiscent of artists like The Lumineers and John Mayer. Labit’s approach to indie-pop is refreshingly sincere, as he delivers heartfelt lyrics with a gentle yet compelling vocal performance. The song’s structure supports its lyrical theme of distant dreams and unyielding love, creating a memorable and engaging listening experience.

Stephen Ordonez, previously a member of the pop rock band Fourth and Coast, has rebranded as Labit, embracing a more introspective and stripped-down style. His influences, ranging from folk to R&B, shine through in this project, drawing parallels to the works of Frank Ocean. This transition marks a significant evolution in his artistry, promising a series of releases that will undoubtedly intrigue and delight fans throughout 2024.

Labit's commitment to releasing new music consistently over the coming year is an exciting prospect for fans of refined and thoughtful music. "Someday Faraway" is just a glimpse of what Labit has to offer. What are your thoughts on this track? How do you think it compares to the mainstream indie-pop music scene? Share your views in the comments below!

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