Get Lost in the Groove with Techcrasher's 'Run Run


Techcrasher's "Run Run" is an uplifting track that takes the listener on a danceable journey through the genres of Deep House and Disco. The strong bass line and funky guitars create an infectious groove, while soulful vocals and hints of retro synths give the track a warm and nostalgic feel.

Techcrasher's sound fits perfectly with the vibes of Defected Recordings, the label known for its quality house releases and constant contribution to the scene. Similar artists like Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket, and The Shapeshifters are also known for their soulful and funky approach to house music, which makes this track a perfect addition to any playlist of house lovers. Other artists and labels such as Glitterbox Recordings, Dr. Packer, and Mark Lower also produce house music with a nostalgic vibe, making the selection for fans of this style large and varied.

Besides, "Run Run" is also definitely not the only release from Techcrasher worth checking out. All in all, Techcrasher's "Run Run" is a great track for fans of Deep House and Disco and fits perfectly into the collection of fans of Defected Recordings and similar artists. Its uplifting groove and soulful atmosphere make this track a must-have for anyone looking for a wonderful dance experience.


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