Charles Oliver's "FORMULATE": A Peak-Time Techno Track to Move Your Body to.


Melbourne-based techno producer Charles Oliver is set to make waves with his upcoming debut LP 'A Glimpse From The Other Side'. The album is filled with atmospheric soundscapes, glitchy synths and intricate production, taking ravers on a melodic and psychedelic techno journey. The two singles released ahead of the album, 'FORMULATE' and 'HESITATE', showcase Oliver's expertise in manipulating and warping synths to create an immersive techno experience.

'FORMULATE' features powerful percussion and intricate melodies that will push club sound systems to their limits. The track is deep and dark, with an aura of tension and suspense that will keep dancers hooked throughout. It's the perfect techno track for dancers to lose themselves in during peak time in the club.

Oliver's goal with this album was to create a dream-like rave experience, with tracks that fill all parts of a night out. 'HESITATE' sets the mood and energy for the night, while 'FORMULATE' serves as the more peak-time, fun, and bouncy track that keeps the crowd moving. Oliver challenged himself to use fewer percussive elements in 'FORMULATE' to keep it simple, but the track still packs a punch.

With notable releases such as Hivemind Remix and 'Saturation Of Self' under his belt, Oliver has garnered support from world-class artists like Jon Hopkins, Joris Voorn, and John Digweed. 'FORMULATE' has already hit #1 on the iTunes Techno Chart in Australia and reached the Top 3 in the UK. Oliver's growing reputation in Australia and abroad has seen him perform on some of the country's most iconic stages, with an EU/UK tour scheduled for the summer of

In conclusion, 'FORMULATE' by Charles Oliver is an exceptional techno track that showcases Oliver's ability to create a deeply immersive and hypnotic soundscape. The upcoming LP 'A Glimpse From The Other Side' is sure to be a hit among techno fans, and with his live show being developed, Charles Oliver is an artist to watch out for in the coming months. 


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