"Sasson x Nathan Nicholson's 'Color Blue' - Unveiling a New Era of Deep House Magic"

In the realm of Deep House, there are artists who deliver rhythm, and then there are those who build the atmosphere. Enter Nicolas Sasson, a Parisian DJ and producer who effortlessly embodies both roles. Recently teaming up with Nathan Nicholson and SOMMA, the trio unfurls the hypnotic 'Color Blue,' an offering that expands the current club culture's dimensions with a dash of elegance and sophisticated finesse.

Sasson's sonic signature lies in his mastery of blending diverse sounds and melodies, a skill honed through his years of global musical explorations. This rich influence reflects in his work, bringing a harmonious fusion that resonates with audiences far and wide. Since his triumphant return to the scene at 25, his career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Sasson now charts the worldwide music scene, gracing stages across continents and gathering a robust fanbase.

Sharing the stage with industry titans such as Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, Pete Tong, and many more, Sasson's performances are marked by an enticing energy that parallels the enigmatic appeal of his music. This year will see the Parisian powerhouse continue to grace stages across France, Spain, the U.K., and beyond, building an international narrative for his sound.

'Color Blue' is the epitome of Sasson's visionary approach, the vibrant harmonies interlaced with Nicholson's haunting vocals and SOMMA's signature touch, bring forth a compelling narrative that leaves listeners hooked. The track has received rave reviews, further cementing Sasson's foothold in the industry.

With a slate of exciting projects lined up on Wired, Suprematic, One Tribe and more, Sasson continues to push the boundaries, redefining the contours of contemporary music genres. Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss his upcoming releases!

Stay tuned for more of Sasson's sonic journeys, as he continues to paint the global deep house scene with his own unique 'Color Blue'.

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