Secret Molecules - Letting Go Again: A Vibrant Musical Melding from Dordrecht

Secret Molecules, a talented Dutch band hailing from the city of Dordrecht, is set to make waves in the music scene with their latest single, "Letting Go Again." Featuring a big chorus and some truly delicious guitar work, this group of seasoned musicians has come together to create a sound that's fresh, exciting, and undeniably catchy.

A Fusion of Musical Forces: 

The core of Secret Molecules is made up of Otto van Gemert on vocals and guitar, Casper Rosenquist on drums, and Ton van der Kolk on bass. Each member has an impressive musical history, with experience in bands such as Fervid, Black Tie Electrons, Weissmuller, L'Appel du Vide, The Soul Snatchers, Trio Koko, and The Jazzinvaders. Contributing to the band's unique sound is Eefje Mesker on backing vocals, Govert van der Kolm on Hammond organ, and Edwin in't Veld on guitar. This group of musicians came together during the pandemic, taking advantage of their free time to create something truly special.

Debut Album Anticipation: 

The result of their collaboration is a debut album filled with compact, catchy songs boasting smart harmonies, big choruses, and slick chord progressions. Set to be released on Sheephead Records in the summer of 2022, this album promises to be the perfect soundtrack for those warm, sunny days. Thanks to the exceptional mixing by Phil Martin and mastering by Edwin in't Veld, the songs on this record are sure to pop and make listeners want to crank up the volume.

Single Spotlight: 

Letting Go Again: "Letting Go Again," the latest single from their upcoming album, showcases the incredible talent and chemistry within Secret Molecules. The track features an infectious chorus that invites listeners to sing along, while the delectable guitar riffs serve as a tantalizing appetizer for the rest of the album. This single is just a glimpse into what promises to be a stunning debut from this Dordrecht-based group.

Secret Molecules has taken the opportunity presented by the pandemic to come together and create music that is both fresh and invigorating. With their debut album set to release soon, and "Letting Go Again" as a captivating single, this band is sure to make a splash in the music world. So, turn up your radio, let the music wash over you, and prepare to be swept away by the vibrant sounds of Secret Molecules.


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