Tony H Drops 'Pulse It' EP: Uniting Beats from the Heart of Tech House

Seattle’s very own tech house virtuoso, Tony H, has just hit us with a deliciously addictive EP 'Pulse It', set to drop on the eminent Farris Wheel Recordings on May 26. Fresh from electrifying the masses at Coachella and Miami Music Week, Tony continues to trailblaze, holding his momentum firmly at the epicentre of the house music scene.

'Pulse It', the EP’s titular track, promises to send ripples through the dancefloor with its deep, pulsating bass groove, sharp drum rhythms, and hypnotic vocal samples. The b-side, a sizzling collaboration with AMP titled "Body Drop", skillfully blends G house with tech house, underpinning mesmerizing vocals with a vibrant bass line. It's a peak-time floor-filler of the highest order.

The EP is a testament to Tony's knack for fusing divergent sounds and genres, creating a remarkable, boundary-pushing record for both his die-hard fans and house music newcomers. This amalgamation of soundscapes was woven during an 8-hour Twitch stream, highlighting Tony's unique approach to fostering community interaction and producing music simultaneously.

Over the year, Tony's name has been synonymous with music that sets the dancefloor ablaze, echoing through DJ sets around the globe. The hit parade isn’t stopping here - he has an arsenal of releases in the pipeline, across acclaimed labels such as Country Club Disco, Desert Hearts, and Flashmob Records.

Simultaneously, Tony’s influence reaches beyond creation to curation. His role as the label manager for Space Yacht and the founder of Late Night Munchies validates his indisputable impact on the music industry.

The road ahead looks luminous for Tony H, featuring headlining acts at Sundown Solstice Festival, Beyond Wonderland, and Disco Donnie's Fourth. Every beat he crafts and every stage he lights up reaffirms his status as an artist worth keeping an eye on in 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned for more pulse-pounding tunes from this dynamic powerhouse.

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