Touch: A Dazzling Display of Jonathon Conant's Artistry

If you haven't heard of Jonathon Conant, it's time to tune in and experience the magic he brings to the music world. With his latest single, "Touch," Conant has once again mesmerized fans with his unique blend of upbeat pop, alluring beats, and suave guitars. Known for creating music "from the hip" and having a disdain for traditional rules, Conant's unorthodox approach to music-making is evident in the enchanting energy of "Touch."

Jonathon Conant has always been a rebel in the world of music. Instead of following the conventional path of reading and writing music, he chooses to wrestle with emotions, turning them into powerful soundscapes that resonate with listeners. Watching session players jot down his ideas, Conant relishes in the knowledge that his music can grow to wilder and more liberated in the minds of others.

"Touch" is no exception to Conant's rule-breaking nature. Drawing inspiration from funk legends like The Brothers Johnson and Tower of Power, as well as the poignant lyrics of Sting and Peter Gabriel, Conant creates an immersive experience for listeners. The song has an infectious rhythm that will have you jumping around, while also providing a space for introspection.

After the success of his first album, "Stone Cold Temple," and the release of his single "Run," Conant has proven himself as an innovative artist. "Run" showcased his skills as a composer and the incredible arrangements by Nick Lane (Trombone). The sax (Brandon Fields) and trumpet (Jamie Hovorka) contributions in "Run" breathed life into the song, making it a fan favourite.

Now, with "Touch," Jonathon Conant continues to remind us that we are not alone in this world. Through his music, he invites us to feel emotions that may seem impossible to confront and encourages us to help others face their fears as well. Conant's music serves as both an escape and a saviour, providing listeners with a safe haven for their hearts and minds.

"Touch" is a dazzling addition to Jonathon Conant's growing discography. Make sure to give it a listen and keep an eye out for his future releases. And while you're at it, check out his previous single "Life Is Love Dancing" as well. With Jonathon Conant, you're guaranteed a musical journey that is both exhilarating and soulful.

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