Ūla is back with 'God Complex' - a fresh hit you don't want to miss!

Hello music enthusiasts, time to lend your ears to a teen sensation stirring the airwaves. The Lithuanian/Australian sensation, Ūla, who shot to digital stardom with her track 'Futon,' is back to the fore with a bang!

Back in the bleak days of Australia's Covid lockdown, this young indie artist decided to turn the pandemic's isolation into creativity and independently uploaded 'Futon'. This humble bedroom pop masterpiece quickly caught fire, garnering 25 million streams and counting. Ūla's relatable lyrics and emotive tunes were clearly the heart-tugger that locked-down listeners needed.

Now, Ūla is striking the iron while it's hot with her latest single, 'God Complex.' This grunge-pop track presents a new facet of Ūla's musical prowess, overlaying her distinctive vocals on a bedrock of driving guitars. The grunge vibe, not typically associated with pop, is a bold move for this emerging artist. But the energy and attitude Ūla brings to the track makes 'God Complex' a compelling and immersive listen.

'God Complex' isn't just a song, but an exciting showcase of what Ūla is capable of. This track makes it clear - Ūla isn't a one-hit wonder. She's an artist set for stardom, destined to climb the pop charts and capture more hearts with her music.

On the horizon is Ūla's debut at The Great Escape in the UK. It's a moment that promises to solidify her standing in the music industry. But before that, treat your ears to an early listen of 'God Complex' – trust me, you don't want to miss it.

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