Cosmic Rhythms: Engelbert's Sonic Odyssey with 'Hart Loopt Over'


The Dutch music scene has always been a fertile playground for unique, genre-blending artists, and Engelbert, the Amsterdam-based maestro of melodic techno, is no exception. In his latest output, 'Hart Loopt Over,' Engelbert takes us on a profound journey through the vast landscape of time and space, encapsulating a sound that is truly unparalleled.

As an artist with a knack for infusing dark electronic beats with high-octane energy, Engelbert (known by day as Bo, a digital designer and animator), stretches the limits of the techno spectrum. The aesthetic of 'Hart Loopt Over' is a testament to this, as it combines elements of Dutch lyrics with futuristic sounds that keep you enthralled in a beautifully concocted rhythmic narrative.

Engelbert's distinctive sound does more than merely move your feet – it pulsates through the heart, echoing the sentiment of its Dutch title, 'Hart Loopt Over,' which translates to 'Heart Overflows.' The passion woven into the fabric of his music is unmistakably palpable.

What sets Engelbert apart, beyond the infectious beats, is his mesmerizing visuals during sets, all of which are crafted by him. The synergetic combination of his pulsating beats with the hypnotic visuals transports listeners into a parallel sonic dimension. It's a complete sensory experience that transcends the confines of a typical techno set.

Engelbert's ‘Hart Loopt Over' is not just a track; it's an odyssey. An odyssey that reflects Engelbert's special perspective on music and life. It's this signature approach that has carved Engelbert's distinct place in the melodic techno landscape. One listen to 'Hart Loopt Over,' and you're instantly hooked, lost in the cosmic rhythms of Engelbert's creation.

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