Andreas Moe & Clara Mae Revisit the Acclaimed "Wild Enough"


In the dynamic world of music, revisiting a past hit can bring both nostalgia and a fresh perspective to the audience. Andreas Moe, known for his evocative songwriting and collaborations with giants like Avicii and Tiesto, joins forces with Clara Mae, a formidable talent in her own right, for a new rendition of "Wild Enough." Originally written in 2018 with David Björk and Elina Stridh for Elina's debut, the song captured hearts with over 60 million Spotify streams. Now, five years later, Moe and Mae breathe new life into this track through a poignant duet that explores and challenges stereotypical roles in relationships.

This collaborative effort isn't just about re-recording an old song; it's a thoughtful approach to maintaining the song's original charm while infusing it with a new spirit. Andreas Moe describes this process as a delicate balance between "exploring new musical boundaries and embracing the magical simplicity of the original version." This duality not only highlights their artistic growth but also showcases their ability to evoke deep emotions through a minimalist yet powerful arrangement.

The release of "Wild Enough" as a duet sets a new milestone for both Andreas Moe, who recently made a comeback with his single "Not Yet," and Clara Mae. As artists who have continuously evolved, their latest collaboration promises to be a reflection of their journey in music—acknowledging past inspirations while boldly stepping into new creative realms.

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