Thiago Dann - "Mi Primer Amor"


Rising from the eclectic music scene of Río Branco, Uruguay, Thiago Dann debuts his dance pop single "Mi Primer Amor." At 34, Thiago Dann is not just a singer-songwriter but a storyteller whose melodies paint a picture of emotional awakening and resilience. After beginning his musical journey with piano and music theory, Dann penned his first song at 30, sparking a commitment to a full-time music career. He further honed his skills in singing and music production under the guidance of Matías Oviedo at Moreno Musical.

"Mi Primer Amor" is a testament to Dann's eclectic influences ranging from Pop and Indie Pop to Country and Reggaetón. This track encapsulates the positivity and hope that defined his 2022 album "Liberación," a 16-track journey premiered at the Teatro del Notariado. His music resonates with those overcoming personal struggles, particularly highlighting the importance of mental health—a theme woven intricately throughout his lyrics.

With his diverse background and dedication to themes of love and recovery, Thiago Dann invites listeners to embark on a journey filled with uplifting beats and heartfelt lyrics. His work in dance pop showcases his ability to merge upbeat rhythms with profound personal narratives, making "Mi Primer Amor" a compelling listen for anyone seeking music that moves both body and soul.

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