DJ Alan Paul Turns Up the Heat with "Zimbaloo" - Radio Edit


Alan Paul's latest track, "Zimbaloo - Radio Edit," is set to electrify the dance floors with its vibrant rhythms of tech house infused with deep house elements. Alan Paul is a DJ and producer from Lawrence, Kansas. He's not just any DJ; he's an old school raver and producer with an eclectic taste that shines through his projects.

Alan has a great background in the rave scene and his popular podcast, Midnight Notions, which has helped him create a sound that's both nostalgic and fresh. His new track, 'Zimbaloo', is a great example of this, with its pulsating 4/4 beats and an undeniable underground vibe that makes you want to lose yourself in the music. As Alan continues to focus on production, fans can look forward to more innovative tracks that will appeal to both old and new generations of house music enthusiasts.

If you're into high-energy beats and a seamless blend of tech and deep house, you'll love "Zimbaloo". The track shows off DJ Alan Paul’s talent for creating a vibe where the spirit of classic raves meets the modern dance movement.

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