Gian Carlos - "Headed2DaGame"


Emerging from the vibrant nightlife of Orlando, Gian Carlos is carving out a niche in the tech house scene with his latest track, "Headed2DaGame." Known for its pulsating rhythms and a bassline that commands attention, this track is a testament to Gian's ability to merge classic tech house vibes with modern electronic flourishes.

"Headed2DaGame" starts with a hypnotic groove that steadily builds into a crescendo of synths and beats, perfect for late-night dance floors. Gian's production skills shine through with intricate layering and a keen ear for dynamics that keep the energy high without overwhelming the senses.

Based in the bustling city of Orlando, Gian Carlos taps into the city’s eclectic music scene to inspire his creations. His tracks not only reflect the energy of Orlando's famous electronic music festivals but also embody the spirit of an artist truly dedicated to his craft.

As tech house continues to dominate clubs worldwide, Gian Carlos is an artist to watch. His innovative approach to production and ability to engage listeners suggest a promising future in the industry.

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