Le P Ushers in the Summer Vibes with "Ilesa"


Le P, the Norwegian music maestro, has just released his latest hit, "Ilesa," under the Soave label. Le P is known for his signature melodic and tropical house vibes, and his new track is a perfect concoction of euphoric synths, hypnotic vocal chops, and organic percussion that will get your summer started right.

Le P has become a major figure in the melodic techno and house scene. His music not only reaches millions globally but also has a refined taste and a knack for creating lush, immersive atmospheres. "Ilesa" is no exception, with its laid-back groove that's both soothing and invigorating – ideal for those long, sun-drenched days.

With his regular releases, Le P keeps his fans hooked, blending the calm with the exciting in a way that only he can. This track is sure to be a summertime favourite, offering a breezy escape into a world of melodic bliss.

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