Sharam x Green Velvet x Layton Giordani - "PATT (Party All The Time) Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet Remix"


If you're looking for a great track to get you back on the dance floor, look no further than the latest remix of Sharam's 2007 hit "PATT (Party All The Time)" by Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, and Green Velvet. It's an unmissable track for techno enthusiasts. This remix breathes new life into the classic track, skilfully combining nostalgic elements with a contemporary, driving techno vibe.

Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani have done a great job of building the backbone of this remix with a thumping, edgy production that really makes the original's energy stand out. Green Velvet, a legend in his own right, adds a unique twist with his distinctive vocals, turning this track into a peak-time anthem that has already caught the attention of global tastemakers like John Summit and Fisher.

This release is more than just a remix. It's a celebration of techno's evolving landscape, capturing the essence of peak and driving techno while staying true to the spirit of electronic dance music (EDM). It's a great example of how classic tracks can be transformed for today's club scenes, making "PATT (Party All The Time)" relevant all over again.

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