Exploring the Dreamy and Uplifting Sounds of Prima Apollinaare's 'Venus or Neptune' and 'Deeper In Love'


Prima Apollinaare is an up-and-coming artist who has been making waves in the indie-pop and alt-pop scenes. With 65k monthly listeners and a recent collaboration with Eren Cannata, it's clear that she's on the rise. Two of her tracks that stand out are "Venus or Neptune" and "Deeper In Love" from her EP "Alignment."

"Venus or Neptune," written by Prima Apollinaare and Eren Cannata, is a dreamy and ethereal track that captures the feeling of longing for someone who feels worlds away. The lyrics express a desire to bridge the distance between two people. The track's haunting melody and Prima's ethereal vocals make for a powerful listening experience that draws the listener in.

"Deeper In Love," on the other hand, is a track written by Prima Apollinaare, Eren Cannata, and Una Jensen that speaks to the feeling of falling in love with life again after a difficult time. The track captures a sense of hope and optimism that's sorely needed after the challenges of the pandemic. The upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it an uplifting and energizing listen.

These two tracks showcase Prima Apollinaare's range as an artist, from the dreamy and otherworldly "Venus or Neptune" to the uplifting and energizing "Deeper In Love." With her talent and growing fan base, it's clear that Prima is an artist to watch in the indie-pop and alt-pop scenes. Her recent collaboration with Eren Cannata, known for writing the soundtrack of Purple Hearts, which was the most-watched movie on Netflix in 2022, only adds to her already impressive credentials. Fans of indie pop and alt-pop should listen to these tracks and keep an eye on Prima Apollinaare's career in the years to come. 


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