American Doubles’ “Just Can’t Get Enough” is the Perfect Disco-Infused Indie Anthem You Need to Hear!


American Doubles’ “Just Can’t Get Enough” is a vibrant and infectious blend of disco, indie and electronica that is guaranteed to get your feet moving. This track is a perfect representation of Robert Smith's unique sound, which has been described as a combination of classic disco, 80s pop, and modern indie. The song features a catchy melody and a pulsing beat that is sure to make it a dancefloor staple.

One of the standout features of the song is Robert Smith’s soaring falsetto, which takes over the chorus and creates an instantly memorable hook. Smith’s vocals perfectly complement the upbeat and energetic instrumentation, which is reminiscent of the retro sounds of the disco era. The track’s use of electronic elements, such as punchy percussion, adds a modern twist and keeps the energy high throughout the entire song.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” was produced by Robert Smith’ – A talented artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and his expertise is evident in the quality of this track. Smith has found the sweet spot for American Doubles' sound, bringing together all of the different genres seamlessly.

Overall, American Doubles’ “Just Can’t Get Enough” is a fantastic track that perfectly showcases Smith's unique sound. The infectious combination of disco, indie, and electronica, along with Smith's soaring falsetto, creates a track that is impossible not to dance to. With this track, American Doubles has firmly established itself as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian music scene.


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