d3adc0de's "Fight or Flight" Takes Off with The Crystal Method Remix

Sci-fi electro-rockers d3adc0de have joined forces with electronic music legends The Crystal Method to produce a stunning remix of their track "Fight Or Flight." This collaboration comes hot on the heels of the band's recent arrival on Planet Earth and features a visualizer that complements the new version of the song.

The remix takes a different direction from the original, eschewing guitars and embracing Big Beat influences. Glitchy synths, steady drum patterns, and bass breakdowns take centre stage, all while maintaining the cinematic essence of the original track. The result is a soundscape that perfectly accompanies the visualizer's depiction of falling through an intergalactic spatial rend.

Steven Morgan, one-half of the d3adc0de duo, expresses his excitement about the collaboration with The Crystal Method, citing their long-standing influence on his songwriting. He explains how the remix evokes feelings of listening to a track from albums like Vegas or Tweekend but with a distinct d3adc0de flavour. Vocalist Stephen Sims also shares his enthusiasm, noting the remix's ability to exceed his already high expectations.

Formed in 2020 by Steven Morgan (Music/Production/Guitars) and Stephen Sims (Vocals), d3adc0de's unique blend of rock and electronic music feeds off sci-fi themes to deliver a captivating soundscape. The duo, both "ethical hackers" by trade, met at an advanced cybersecurity institute, where they discovered their shared musical background as former touring members of signed rock bands.

Combining their tech-savvy sensibilities with their shared love for music, Morgan and Sims gave birth to d3adc0de, named after the hacker jargon for an 8-byte hex signature. The band's upcoming series of songs will be accompanied by high production-value music videos that form part of an epic space opera spanning time and galaxies. Morgan describes d3adc0de as an ambitious project that aims to bend the lines between music, cinema, and performance, creating a rewarding and immersive experience for fans.

With The Crystal Method's innovative remix of "Fight or Flight," d3adc0de's interstellar journey has just begun. As the band continues to release new songs and captivating visuals, fans can look forward to even more immersive and otherworldly experiences in their upcoming live performances.


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