Effemar's Captivating New Single "Catch Your Breath" ft. SJ Lawrence Unveiled on LABRNTH

Swiss duo Effemar's highly anticipated deep progressive single, "Catch Your Breath" featuring SJ Lawrence, has finally been released under the cutting-edge label LABRNTH. The track, released on April 21, 2023, showcases the duo's masterful production skills while offering a powerful emotional experience through its moody melodies and soulful vocals.

Effemar, composed of Doane Allan and Julien Grosjean, initially emerged on the electronic music scene in late 2020 with their debut single "Deep Sea" on the German label Selected. The track quickly amassed over 3 million streams within a month of its release, setting the stage for their subsequent singles "Saturday Night" and "Needing Space" to follow suit. With over 25 million streams under their belt, Effemar launched their own imprint label, Aube, where they continued to release a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks.

The duo has collaborated with talented vocalists such as Nina Carr and Swedish Red Elephant, but they have also become known for recording their own vocal parts, adding a distinctive element to their music. Effemar's live performances in Lausanne and other picturesque locations in Switzerland have remained intimate and discreet, further solidifying their unique presence in the electronic music scene.

In 2022, the duo achieved another milestone with the release of "Ocean" on San Holo's independent label Bitbird. This opened doors to an artist-friendly community and strengthened Effemar's position in the industry. Their unique sound, blending nostalgic melodies, danceable drums, and uplifting synth lines, appeals to deep house, indie, and pop audiences alike. Effemar strives to bridge the gap between underground and popular music without compromising its strong identity.

LABRNTH's latest release, "Catch Your Breath," highlights Effemar's seamless production and ability to evoke deep emotions through music. The track's groovy undertones and uplifting synth lines make it both dancefloor-friendly and meaningful, ensuring it will resonate with listeners and radio stations worldwide. This release follows LABRNTH's launch earlier this year in January with "Darkness" by Fancy Inc and Chemical Surf, further establishing the label's commitment to delivering fresh new music.

In a statement about "Catch Your Breath," Effemar shared, "The song is about how life comes to a standstill when you lose someone you love for the first time. In moments of silence, my thoughts dwell on what they meant to me and what's now missing in my life. They taught me things no one else could, but I'm appreciative of their influence in my life."

With the release of "Catch Your Breath" ft. SJ Lawrence, Effemar's captivating sound and heartfelt lyrics will undoubtedly continue to garner them well-deserved attention and acclaim, making them a must-watch act in the electronic music scene. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from Effemar and LABRNTH in the coming months.


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