Discover the power of Bhaskar's latest EDM hit, "Think It's Just Enough."

In the captivating world of EDM, Bhaskar is a name that continues to resonate in the heartbeats of millions. The Brazilian prodigy is back, launching his latest electrifying single, "Think It's Just Enough." Released under the wings of CONTROVERSIA, the track captures the essence of those late-night dance sessions and peak moments on the dance floor, providing an intoxicating mix of sounds that will keep you on your toes.

"Think It's Just Enough" is a tasteful infusion of tech-house melodies, sewn together with an unforgettable vocal riff, echoing its title. Underneath its catchy surface lies a deeper, darker shade of progressive, with profound undertones and rolling synths that add a compelling texture to the overall vibe.

The track subtly carries forward the momentum from Bhaskar's March release, "Tina," a collaboration with Vintage Culture, Meca, and The Vic, released on Diplo's label Higher Ground. As an electrifying one-two punch, the tracks blend seamlessly to create a relentless wave of energy, a signature Bhaskar move that's proven to ignite dance floors around the world.

From his humble beginnings in 2004, at the tender age of 12, Bhaskar’s journey to stardom has been truly inspiring. Following in the footsteps of his DJ parents Swarup and Ekanta, Bhaskar and his twin brother Alok soon transformed their hobby into a global sensation. The hit-maker is recognized for iconic releases like "Fuego" and "Infinity," racking up hundreds of millions of Spotify streams. Bhaskar's talent transcends boundaries, seen in his successful collaborations with top artists such as Yves V, Moguai, Dubdogz, Wankelmut, Lucas Estrada, Brazilian pop sensation Anitta, brother Alok and compatriot Vintage Culture.

"Think It's Just Enough" signals that Bhaskar is just getting warmed up. This maestro of melody, groove, and rhythm continues to evolve, shaping the sound of tomorrow's dance floors. We eagerly await the future surprises he has in store. Till then, let's just say - we "Think It's Just Enough."

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