Discover Yannick Mueller's innovative blend of melodic techno and house music in his latest track "Another Day".

In the world of Melodic Techno and House, fresh energy is the lifeblood of innovation. This energy has found a unique conduit in the form of Yannick Mueller, an audacious and idiosyncratic talent who's been catching ears from Aarau to Moscow.

From his early days, Yannick was a distinct character - a person marching to the beat of his own drum, or in this case, his own synthesizer. He has always chased after the undefined, consistently defying norms in a world that is often enslaved by conventions. The thrill of this creative rebellion can be heard in his latest track, "Another Day" (Original Mix).

Yannick's sound, rooted in the profound depths of Progressive House and Techno, sprinkled with vibrant disco influences, takes a novel leap with "Another Day". The track showcases his ability to manipulate rhythm and tone, delivering a groovy, emotional, and transcendent auditory experience. This number will transport you through a cityscape that's constantly shifting, reflecting the always-changing face of urban life.

Yannick's journey from small clubs in Aarau back in 2013 to commanding decks in cosmopolitan havens like Dubai, Lisbon, and Berlin is nothing short of inspiring. The world took note when he released stirring remixes for rising duos like Township Rebellion and made his mark on SOSO, Hive Audio, Moonbootique Records, and Poesie Musik. Today, he carries his music across continents, leaving footprints of his sonic visions on dance floors worldwide.

"Another Day" is another testament to Yannick's tireless pursuit of an undefined destination. Yet, it's clear that the journey itself is his true muse. And we, the listeners, are fortunate to join him on this aural expedition, experiencing the dynamic cityscapes his soundtracks evoke.

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