Solardo x Joshwa: Revolutionizing Tech House with VIP Business

There's a seismic shift in the airwaves, a tide of musical audacity lapping against the ever-evolving dance genre, courtesy of the UK’s Solardo and their latest Tech House epic, "VIP Business". This intriguing collaboration with Joshwa is a fresh offering from Insomniac Records, set to disrupt dance floors around the globe with its infectious energy and captivating rhythms.

Solardo has built an irrefutable reputation as dance music's ultimate shapeshifters, morphing through styles with the prowess of a chameleon, and their discography is a testament to this versatile craftsmanship. From the electrifying techno smash "Riser" to the sun-soaked anthem "I Can't Wait" featuring Tiësto and Poppy Baskcomb, Solardo's sonic prowess knows no boundaries. Their most recent scorcher, "Big Talk" with the iconic Idris Elba, is another manifestation of their unrivalled ability to surprise, enchant, and ignite dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

Their latest brainchild, "VIP Business," in collaboration with Joshwa, upholds this trend. It's a quintessential Solardo production: brimming with energy, deeply infused with pulsating beats and an irresistible groove. A thumping bassline supports the track, perfectly complemented by Joshwa's signature tech house elements that bring an addictive edge to the mix. From the opening bars, it's evident that "VIP Business" is a masterstroke of Tech House innovation.

"VIP Business" is more than just a new release. It is a testament to Solardo's commitment to reinventing, reshaping, and reinvigorating the dance music scene. Whether they're electrifying crowds at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, or Glastonbury, or releasing on their very own labels - Sola Music, Sola Nauts, and Sola Eclipse, Solardo's dedication to the art of music is unequivocal.

In short, "VIP Business" is not just a track; it's an experience, a dancefloor manifesto from two artists who refuse to be pigeonholed. Prepare to be intrigued, captivated, and utterly swept away.

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