Gian Varela and Chuwe Unleash "Papi" from the Electrifying "L.O.C." EP

Dance music has always been about breaking barriers and defying expectations, and this sentiment is echoed in Gian Varela's debut "L.O.C." EP. Featuring six genre-blurring tracks that meld Latin culture and electronic music, Varela invites us to step onto the dancefloor and immerse ourselves in "La Otra Cultura" – the other culture.

One of the standout tracks from the EP is the infectious "Papi," a collaboration with rising talent Chuwe. This track showcases Varela's unique approach to Tech House, with pulsating basslines and catchy hooks that stay true to the Latin influence that inspired the project.

Hailing from Panama and honed in the United States, Gian Varela has become a global sensation with his ability to blend Latin genres and electronic sounds. His impressive collaborations with Latin superstars and releases on renowned dance music labels have won him legions of fans and support from industry heavyweights.

With the "L.O.C." EP, Varela seeks to challenge stereotypes and showcase the diversity within the Latin community who, like him, have connected with dance music culture. As an artist with a passion for pushing boundaries, Gian Varela is poised for even greater success in the future. So, join the movement and embrace the other culture with Gian Varela's "L.O.C." EP, out now!

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