Rovoam's Gravity Doesn't Exist Receives an Uplifting Remix by Some Of

The electronic music scene has seen a new blend of progressive house and melodic techno hit the airwaves, as Rovoam's track "Gravity Doesn't Exist" receives an impressive remix from the emerging talent, Some Of. The track is set to become a dancefloor anthem, with its hypnotic melodies, pulsating rhythms, and atmospheric soundscapes.

Originally an atmospheric progressive house track, "Gravity Doesn't Exist" by Rovoam caught the attention of music lovers and DJs alike with its smooth, immersive beats and entrancing sound design. It was only a matter of time before it fell into the hands of the talented remixer, Some Of, who has masterfully reimagined it into a fresh, exciting tune that showcases the best of both progressive house and melodic techno.

The Some Of Remix transforms the original with its infusion of rich textures and intricate layers, creating an enthralling sonic landscape. As the track progresses, listeners are taken on a transcendent journey through pulsating beats, mesmerizing synth lines, and ethereal, dream-like atmospheres.

The driving force of this remix is its captivating bassline, which propels the track forward and holds the listener's attention from start to finish. The mesmerizing synths complement the bassline perfectly, offering an immersive and emotive listening experience.

Fans of both progressive house and melodic techno will find this remix an invigorating addition to their playlists, as it flawlessly bridges the gap between the two genres. DJs, in particular, will appreciate the energy and emotion that Some Of has poured into this remix, making it an essential track for any electronic music event.

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