ROWA's "Dark Nights" - A Melodic Tribute to European Club Culture

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ROWA has joined forces with Shamon Cassette to unveil their captivating new track, "Dark Nights." Inspired by the duo's deep involvement in the Techno and Acid House scenes of cities like Berlin and London, "Dark Nights" pays homage to the enigmatic world of European club culture and its intriguing stories.

Drawing from ROWA's personal experiences within the Berlin Club Scene, the song narrates a clubgoer's adventurous night out in iconic venues like About Blank or Berghain. "Dark Nights" brings to life the character of the "Berlin Club Girl," a mysterious figure dressed in black who never wants the party to end, always seeking the next thrill. With a melodic synth line and an infectious hook, "She Allergic to the Daylight, Dark Night Living," the track weaves a tapestry of house beats reminiscent of artists like Yaeji and Channel Tres.

The artistic partnership between ROWA and Shamon Cassette began in 2019 at a vintage couture shop in East Hollywood. Amidst the tail end of the COVID lockdown, the duo recorded "Dark Nights" at Materia Studio in Eagle Rock, LA, with the help of engineer and friend Henry Glover.

Shamon Cassette, a versatile musician hailing from the Kanagawa section of Japan, is known for his "Psychedelic Hockey Rap" and unique touring route between Ireland, London, and South Africa. Fans can eagerly anticipate Shamon's return to Europe this summer with his Hip House project BonVoyage.

Meanwhile, ROWA's fascinating journey started in Milwaukee, WI, where she left immediately after high school to travel and perform across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Ultimately, she settled in New Orleans and later Los Angeles to focus on her music career. During the pandemic, ROWA honed her production skills, resulting in a unique blend of sonic and visual work that has earned her a cult following in the Los Angeles underground.

With an unwavering dedication to her independent music career, ROWA aims to inspire other young women to pursue their technical skills in the industry. As a curator of events and network opportunities for LA's creative community, ROWA is set to host more events in 2023.

ROWA's signature genre-defying music connects listeners with the subconscious realm through her eclectic soundscapes. With a string of eagerly awaited singles set for release by the end of 2022, ROWA is poised to captivate audiences for years to come. "Dark Nights" is a testament to her talent and a fitting tribute to the entrancing world of European club culture.

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