Catching the Synthwave: Persona La Ave & Baraka's "Ascension"

Wave hello to the future of Retrowave – Persona La Ave & Baraka. Their latest offering, "Ascension", is a stunning overture of neon synths and nostalgic reverberations, an opulent soundcloud for ears starved for auditory artistry.

"Ascension" inaugurates the duo's series of singles expected to roll out throughout this year. It's a tune that isn't just a note above the rest – it's a veritable Everest, a high point in the Synthwave/Retrowave landscape. True to its title, "Ascension" is indeed a journey upwards, a musical climb towards heavenly highs.

From the moment the track starts, you're swooped up in a journey that propels forward, fueled by an energetic rhythm section and luminous synth lines. Baraka's attention to detail shines in the song’s layered nuances while Persona La Ave breathes life into the production, intertwining the beats with melodies that echo through time.

Unreleased and fiercely original, "Ascension" isn't just a song; it's an audible canvas depicting an era that continues to inspire, while at the same time, it teases what's to come in the future. This tune is a sonic embodiment of a duo who dares to dream and create.

As we wait for their other singles, let's ride the Retrowave on the wings of "Ascension" and ascend towards the future of music. This is more than a promising start. It's a testament to Persona La Ave & Baraka’s commitment to shaping the soundscape of our times.

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