Transcending Borders: Thylacine's 'Polar' Meets Fejká's Magical Remix

Get ready to embark on a transcendent journey with Thylacine's 'Polar', invigorated by a sparkling remix from the German prodigy, Fejká. Packed with pulsating percussion and hypnotic synths, Fejká's remix diverges from the original version, transforming it into an iridescent spectacle for the dance floor. The remix holds the majestic emotions intact while incorporating an acutely edgy sound – an experience only achievable when you merge Thylacine's trademark style with Fejká's brilliant remixing prowess.

Fejká’s remix process revolves around breaking down the original track, focusing on the most gripping parts - vocals and a synth melody - and building around them to create a mesmerising soundscape. The use of the Moog Sub 37 and Juno 60 for the bass and top leads, fused with digital instruments heavily processed with echoes, delays, bitcrushers, and reverb, infuses an atmosphere that slowly blooms, akin to sunlight piercing through a cloud wall.

This shimmering remix follows Aukai’s remix of "Night Train", forming part of the much-anticipated 9 Pieces remix EP, which also includes remixes by Kollectiv Turmstrasse and Ah! Kosmos, set to release later this summer/early fall. The original 9 Pieces album, a product of Thylacine's unique global encounters, was a critical success, delivering nine distinctive unreleased tracks that allow you to plunge headlong into Thylacine's sonic universe.

Thylacine, the young electro prodigy, has crafted his unique music style through his journeys, first beginning with his Trans-Siberian Railway voyage that led to his successful debut album, 'Transsiberian'. The album bridged music and imagery, inviting listeners to partake in Thylacine's exciting explorations, gathering a dedicated fanbase. Not to forget, Thylacine's latest album '9 Pieces', a testament to his multi-instrumentalist skills, accumulating a staggering 121 million streams.

U.S fans, brace yourselves! Thylacine is hitting the road and will be performing at the Lodge Room, Los Angeles on June 27th, and Elsewhere, Brooklyn on June 29th. Don’t miss this chance to witness a unique fusion of music and voyage!

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