Dancing in the Shadows: A Dive into Marije's "Toxic Love"

The hypnotic beats of the 808 drum kit are ubiquitous in contemporary music, but few wield its power as masterfully as Marije, the indomitable Dutch songstress, in her new track, "Toxic Love". This disco-pop wonder with a hint of house, finds its foundation in a progressively building soundscape, leading to a crescendo of dominant 808 beats, creating a danceable, yet deeply resonating anthem.

"Toxic Love" explores the paradoxes of passion: the captivating, the consuming, the euphoric, and the painful. Within these pulsating beats lies the essence of an electrifying love story, one that’s as enchanting as it is hazardous. A narrative that appeals to our most profound emotions, and despite its potential to harm us, we can't help but surrender to its charm. This is a three-minute sonic journey that leaves us lingering in its powerful echoes.

Brunnen-based Marije has been carving her path in music since a tender age. After penning her first song at 8, and a stint in the top 10 of the RTL 2 format "Kay One - singer wanted", she has been cementing her place in the music industry. Overcoming the heart-wrenching experience of premature termination from her former label due to sexual harassment, she rose, more vital than ever, crafting her own identity, independent of the former "Chrissy Lee".

This vibrant artist returned to her roots in 2020, using her given name, Marije. Her discography houses the riveting single "Ocean Tower", a tune that resonates across various radio stations even today. Her last release before "Toxic Love", the moving "Stupid Lie", saw her embracing motherhood after its release, taking a much-needed respite from her flourishing career.

Partnering with US producer Ari-Zona and Swiss label Izsogood Music, Marije has crafted a compelling body of work, with "Toxic Love" taking centre stage. Beyond the recording studio, she captivates audiences at various events and on television, fearlessly combating her arachnophobia on the SRF program "Limits".

"Toxic Love" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Marije's resilience and dedication. And as we sway to the intoxicating rhythm, we can't wait to see what the talented songstress has in store for us next.

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