Finding Your Groove Within: Night Tales' "Believe" – An Introspective Spin on the EDM Culture

Hello, fellow rhythm junkies! If there's one thing this ever-spinning world of EDM assures us, it's the ability to surprise and inspire. Take, for instance, the sonic mavericks, Night Tales, the gifted collaboration of the Australian-born Kamaliza Salamba and UK-born, Aussie resident Aaron Bannie, otherwise known as Third Floor. The Australian/UK duo has been reshaping the EDM terrain and challenging the norms, with their introspective track "Believe".

Released in 2021, "Believe" stands as an audacious response to the high-energy, constantly-on-the-move culture we've come to associate with dance music. While not wishing to detract from the club setting experience, Night Tales strives to offer the audience a chance to introspect, to resonate with the music and express themselves freely, while also retaining a sense of self amidst the electrifying environment.

This track, hence, is a pivotal mark in the evolution of Night Tales' sound - one that calls for greater intentionality. As the duo continues to release new music, "Believe" will serve as a beacon, reminding listeners to focus on their own energy and internal state, irrespective of the circumstances around them. It's a resonant call for mental health awareness and a testament to the power of self-centring in an era rife with distractions.

When you dive into Night Tales' music, you'll uncover a rich tapestry of emotive lyrics, harmonious chord progressions, and an overwhelming focus on human emotion and relationships. Their partnership with Majestic Casual and a whopping total of 10 singles since 2017 speaks to their artistic commitment. Numbers don't lie: millions of streams across Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube, along with topping Hype Machine's popular chart, signifies the global appeal of their unique brand of music.

Having released their debut EP "Haunt" in 2019, and followed it up with seven staggering singles in 2020, Night Tales continues to rise in the EDM landscape. Their track "Believe" epitomizes the duo's relentless spirit and continues to draw listeners into a deeply personal, yet universally relatable, musical narrative.

Remember, if you believe it, you can achieve it. So go ahead, surrender to the rhythm of Night Tales and find your own groove within it.

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