M.Rider's Harmonic Odyssey: Unraveling the 'Little Things

The airwaves are buzzing as M.Rider, the Croatian maestro of electronic-pop, drops her highly anticipated single, 'Little Things'. Set to release on the 16th of June, this tantalizing tune marks the return of a favourite powerhouse, offering a cocktail of house, pop, and electronic melody that's proving intoxicating for fans worldwide.

Born from an experimental jaunt on a Prophet 12 synth, 'Little Things' is more than your run-of-the-mill house track. M.Rider finds herself straddling the melancholic abyss of trip-hop and the solitary, intimate journey of a dancefloor, embarking on an emotive rollercoaster. The track explores those whispered truths and silent emotions that lurk beneath the surface of relationships, erupting like a hidden volcano within us. Co-produced with Ant Whiting, 'Little Things' is laced with Vincent Taurelle's (Air) sybaritic synths and Lucy Wilkins' (Bryan Ferry, Tindersticks) evocative violin strokes, delivering a sonic punch that's softened by M.Rider's signature dreamy pop sound.

The new single's video, directed by Joanna Petkiewicz, brings an innovative visual spin to the auditory experience. Borrowing from the theatrical monologue format, it blends the solemnity of Flemish baroque portraits and the intimate charm of flower motifs, delivering a stark contrast to the dance rhythm of the song. Robin Lochmann’s keen cinematographic skills slow things down visually, preserving the lyrical intimacy and setting a vintage atmosphere that's beautifully at odds with the modern electronic pop sound.

Over the years, M.Rider has proven herself to be a musical chameleon. From her roots in classical music and her vibrant singer-songwriter beginnings in Brighton, UK, to her creative odyssey in Berlin’s unique music scene, her music embodies an emotional richness and sonic diversity that's hard to match. With her new house-infused track and her upcoming album set for a November release, M.Rider is undoubtedly striding forward, shaping the future of electronic pop one beat at a time.

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