Polanco Vibes: Drew Dapps Transcends Boundaries with His Latest Minimal House Slapper

What happens when the vivacious streets of Mexico City meet the infectious sound of San Diego’s house music scene? The answer: "Polanco", a hypnotic deep tech track created by the audacious and creative mind of San Diego-based artist, Drew Dapps.

Dapps, a purveyor of minimal and deep-tech house music, has done it again. Drawing inspiration from his first immersive experience in Mexico City's underground house scene, his latest release is as infectious as the city that inspired it.

Once a hip-hop beatmaker from Las Vegas, Drew found his true calling when he moved to San Diego in 2019 and dived into the effervescent local house scene. His passion for the unique, pulsating sound of minimal/deep tech house has shaped his music journey, from cooking up beats in Vegas to dropping chart-topping deep house tracks that reverberate in clubs worldwide.

“Polanco” is a testament to his evolving, eclectic style. The track serves up groovy basslines, interwoven with vibrant chord progressions and an underpinning rhythm that captures the essence of the underground Mexican house scene. It's an authentic representation of the neighbourhood, delivering an exhilarating sensory journey into the heart of Mexico City.

Dapps' reach now extends globally, boasting millions of streams and earning top spots on Beatport’s house charts. He's garnered recognition from EDM Identity, Beatradar, and house music luminaries like Jizz and DeMarzo. His growing impact has earned the approval of industry heavyweights John Summit and HoneyLuv, signalling his ascent in the house music scene.

Like the skater kid he once was, Dapps isn't afraid of a bumpy ride. He embraces the grind and journey of evolving as an artist, shaping his music career one track at a time. As he aptly puts it, "The artist’s journey is anything but a smooth ride. But I find that to be a beautiful thing”.

Drew Dapps continues to push boundaries, and with "Polanco", he cements his position as an innovator and leading voice in the tech house music scene. His fearless and evolving sound ensures that his musical journey is one to watch closely.

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