Discover ‘Better Times’, the hot new summer anthem of 2023 by KC Lights and Låpsley

Just when we thought Summer 2023 couldn’t get any hotter, KC Lights flips the switch, and boy does it shine! ‘Better Times,’ a collaboration with the enchanting Låpsley has just dropped on Toolroom Records, and it is already gleaming with the promise of a sunny season.

This track is an invitation to joy, a sonic embodiment of good vibes, and a beacon for a bright future. It’s a track that marries past and present; a time machine that transports us to the disco-funk realms of the 70s/80s while staying firmly rooted in the pulsing energy of 2023. It’s the song we’ve all been waiting for – a track that whispers of the better times to come.

The raw talent of Scotland’s DJ sensation, KC Lights, is underscored in this track. His knack for seamlessly blending eras and styles with his signature sound is undeniably unique, and this sonic alchemy has earned him recognition from industry tastemakers including BBC Radio One, KISS, Capital Dance, and more. His partnership with Låpsley on ‘Better Times’ feels like a match made in heaven, with her emotive vocals gliding effortlessly over the vintage-modern soundscape that KC has crafted.

And let's not forget the summer sizzle that's still on the horizon. KC Lights will kick off his epic lineup of shows at the sold-out Belfast Belsonic, sharing the stage with big names like David Guetta and Meduza. He will grace the Ibiza parties at Ushuaia and Pacha, and make his first appearance at Berlin's Lollapalooza later in the year. It's sure to be a summer of scintillating beats and electric energy, with KC's sounds shaping the sonic landscape of the season.

Having worked with the likes of Paul Simon, Ed Sheeran, and Alicia Keys, and regularly commanding the world's most prestigious stages, KC Lights has an unwavering commitment to his craft. And this is not lost on his global fanbase who eagerly lap up every beat, synth, and sample. With ‘Better Times’ set to be a summer anthem, this is a glowing testament to his continued ascension in the industry.

As the track hits the streaming platforms, it's impossible not to bask in the radiant optimism it exudes. ‘Better Times’ by KC Lights and Låpsley is the embodiment of summertime joy, a glimmering promise of a bright summer to come.

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