"Maxwell Cutty and MC Mikey Fux: The Bass Tech Revolution"

On the music scene's horizon, a new dancefloor comet has appeared, ready to leave a profound sonic impact. The trailblazer? None other than Maxwell Cutty. This artist knows how to deliver a beat that pulsates through your veins, and his latest track, 'Feel It,' is no exception.

Brace yourself for 'Feel It,' a gritty grimy bass tech monster that isn't afraid to march to the rhythm of its own drum machine. With 'Feel It,' Maxwell Cutty proves that 'odd' is the new 'norm.' It's a thrilling paradox of sounds - stark yet intricate, harsh yet beguiling. And the result? An audacious dancefloor banger, determined to make even the staunchest wallflower lose themselves to the beat.

And it doesn't end there. 'Feel It' marks the inauguration of a powerful alliance with the wordsmith wizard, MC Mikey Fux. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, their talents fusing to create a magnetic pull that reverberates through each electrifying beat, each heady line.

Together, Cutty and Fux are ushering in a new era of bass tech, creating soundscapes that defy tradition and embrace the oddity. 'Feel It' invites you to lose yourself in its hypnotic rhythm, to embrace the exhilarating dissonance and most importantly, to feel the energy that resonates with every pulse.

This track is just the beginning. It's the first in a series of collaborations that promise to push the boundaries of electronic music. Keep an ear to the ground for this pair; they're set to make some serious noise.

Watch this space, folks. Cutty and Fux are just warming up.

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