Explore PLS&TY's fresh release "Yours," featuring Tudor

If you're looking for the next anthem to echo through the darkest corners of the club, look no further. PLS&TY is bringing the heat with a fresh release, "Yours," featuring the hauntingly soulful vocals of Welsh singer/songwriter Tudor. The track is the latest teaser from his upcoming "3 Days, 2 Nights" EP, and trust me, it's set to cast a mesmerizing spell over the dance floor.

"Yours" sees PLS&TY switching gears, shedding the sun-dappled "day side" vibes of "Party In My Head" and "New Color" for an intoxicating club-oriented sound. Boasting progressive basslines that undulate like waves on a moonlit ocean, this track features PLS&TY's signature sound, drenched in a shadowy allure. The anticipation built through its dark, seductive grooves culminates in a groovy drop that's perfect for those late-night dance floor escapades.

PLS&TY, aka Tommy Leas, isn't just another name in the electronic dance music scene. His music, a perfect blend of languid bass, captivating vocals, and upbeat melodies, has amassed over 100 million streams across platforms. And let's not forget that feature in a Hershey's chocolate commercial, reaching over a billion views.

If you've been sleeping on Tudor, it's time to wake up. This Welsh gem has already worked with big names like Diplo, Cedric Gervais, Hayden James, LP Giobbi, and the list goes on. His haunting vocals on "Yours" lend a depth that perfectly complements PLS&TY's signature electronic sound.

While 2020-2022 saw PLS&TY venturing into the realm of NFTs, co-designing for Tony Hawk and Floyd Mayweather, 2023 brings an exciting return to his first love - music. With "Yours," PLS&TY isn't just releasing another track; he's painting a sonic portrait, one where shadows dance and beats collide. And if "Yours" is any indication, "3 Days, 2 Nights" is sure to set the scene ablaze.

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