Unorthodox Fusion: Drew Dapps' 'Plug Talk' - A New Wave in House Music

Hailing from San Diego, boutique house maestro Drew Dapps is shaking up the scene with a unique and infectious fusion of deep tech and hip hop - "Plug Talk". It's an unconventional blend, to say the least, a testament to Dapps' audacious innovation that stems from his diverse musical journey.

A Vegas native, Dapps began his sonic explorations whipping up heady hip hop beats, garnering a loyal following along the way. However, his musical compass pointed elsewhere - to the pulsating, beat-driven landscape of house music. A move to San Diego in 2019 proved transformative, the local house scene resonating with his own artistic spirit, pushing him to create music that was as deeply rhythmic as it was sonically rich.

Minimal/deep tech became his playground, where his talent for creating infectious grooves, vibrant basslines and lush chord play truly shone. After pouring hours into fine-tuning his craft, his sonic masterpieces started headlining gigs, shaking floors and stirring hearts.

Dapps' influence now radiates beyond California, his electrifying performances capturing hearts across Latin America. The proof is in the pudding, with his releases frequently crowning Beatport's house charts and racking up millions of streams worldwide. His unique fusion of genres has won him accolades from EDM Identity and Beatradar and nods from underground legends Jizz and DeMarzo. Top industry names like John Summit and HoneyLuv have tipped their hats to his talents, further illuminating his rising star.

Just like his skating days, Dapps embraces the grind, thriving on the unpredictable journey that being an artist brings. In his words, "The artist’s journey is anything but a smooth ride, but I find that to be a beautiful thing."

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