Vluarr Gets Skyward Bound with DJ Siar's Electrifying 'Higher' Remix

It's time to strap yourselves in, fellow music voyagers! We are about to embark on an electrifying journey, courtesy of the Swiss maestro DJ Siar. In his latest work of sonic artistry, Siar infuses a fresh burst of energy into Vluarr's already stellar track, 'Higher', propelling us to a vibrant dimension of Bass House music.

Born in 1998, DJ Siar has always been a creative soul. From his early musical initiation with the xylophone, through his classical piano training, he's had a deep-rooted connection with rhythm and melody. This background has created a solid foundation for his venture into electronic dance music, a genre where rhythm is the heartbeat and melody is the lifeblood.

His remix of 'Higher' channels all the right vibes—plunging listeners headlong into a vortex of funky Future House and Underground Deep House vibes. The emotional potency of the original track has not only been preserved but, indeed, amplified with a pulsating bassline and mesmerizing electronic elements that further elevate the track. The energy levels are just off the charts!

What's remarkable is Siar's impressive self-taught mastery of complex DAW and synthesizers, honed through countless hours of studying YouTube videos. It's no wonder that his music has found homes in prestigious labels such as STMPD RCRDS, Hexagon, Sony Music, and more. Nor is it surprising that music heavyweights like Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and Don Diablo are applauding his work. His future in the House music scene looks nothing short of promising.

In his remix of 'Higher', DJ Siar reaffirms his ambition to share his passion for Future House music with the world. And boy, does he share it!

Stay tuned, friends, as DJ Siar continues to explore and experiment, creating fresh, pulsating soundscapes that make our hearts beat to the rhythm of his tracks. Until then, crank up your speakers, and let 'Higher' take you higher!

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