DNO - Move Your Feet: Zurich's Rising Star in Tech House Scene


When you think about Switzerland, the lush landscapes, delicious chocolates, and precision craftsmanship may come to mind. But in the vibrant urban hubs, particularly Zurich, there's an exciting musical revolution happening, led by a new generation of sound magicians like DNO.

Hailing from a musical family where his father was a guitar prodigy, DNO's journey into the world of Turntablism was hardly a surprise. His aspirations were clear from the start: to dominate the world of nightlife with his unique sonic flair. With a deep-rooted passion that was nurtured by some of Zurich's finest DJs and producers, DNO emerged as a formidable name in Switzerland's thriving EDM, Trap, and Hip-Hop scene.

"Move Your Feet" is more than just a new Tech House track; it's a testament to DNO's continuous evolution and his visionary style. Holding residences in celebrated venues like Kaufleuten Club in Zurich and Luzern's ROK Club, DNO's rise has been nothing short of meteoric. What sets him apart is his ability to win over the crowd with his eclectic beats that never fail to induce a wild dance frenzy.

DNO's fame isn't limited to Switzerland. His reputation for igniting a venue with pandemonium and energetic debauchery makes him one of the most sought-after talents of his generation. With "Move Your Feet," he continues to push boundaries, creating an unforgettable experience that turns the night right round again.

Don't miss out on this musical sensation; tune into "Move Your Feet" and let DNO lead you into an irresistible dance.

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