TONG Takes Us On a Dance Journey With "Feel The Boogie"


Buckle up, dance floor enthusiasts, because TONG's latest release is here to make you "Feel The Boogie." Unveiled under the IN / ROTATION imprint (part of the Insomniac Music Group), this track offers a fresh take on Tech House that's bound to get your feet moving.

The track's unique blend of sultry female vocals, repeating the hypnotic mantra "can u feel the boogie," lays the groundwork for a dance anthem. But what sets it apart is the electrifying saxophone that takes over the melody and sends shivers down the spine of anyone lucky enough to hear it. This instrumental addition is the masterstroke that elevates "Feel The Boogie" to an instant classic.

With a pulsating rhythm and layers of intriguing synths, the song manages to evoke a nostalgic feel while keeping one foot firmly planted in the future of electronic dance music. It's a track you can't help but move to, offering a universal appeal that's going to resonate with clubbers and at-home dancers alike.

TONG has truly tapped into something special here. "Feel The Boogie" is more than just a song – it's an experience. Whether you're grooving in your living room or lost in a sea of dancers, this track is set to become a mainstay in playlists and DJ sets across the globe.

Grab your dancing shoes and give "Feel The Boogie" a listen today. Trust me; your feet will thank you.


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