Back to You: PVNDA's Sizzling Summer Anthem with Ed Lev & Lian Gozlan


Summer 2023 is getting hotter by the minute, and the mercury's rising with PVNDA's latest emotional club anthem "Back to You." If you thought PVNDA's collab with DavidK3y on “Chasing The Sun” last year was something, buckle up because this is something else!

Teaming up with sound producer Ed Lev, PVNDA builds upon his well-established reputation for creating resonating vibes. But here's the cherry on top: Lian Gozlan is back! Remember her enchanting presence on PVNDA's hit single “Space”? Her charming and distinct voice returns, adding a sprinkle of magic that takes the track to an entirely new level.

"Back to You" is not just a song; it's a feeling, an emotion that gets you in the mood for those late summer nights, beach parties, and unforgettable memories. The track interweaves pulsating beats with tender vocals, offering a perfect cocktail for a dance floor or just a chill session by the pool.

PVNDA's evolution has been nothing short of spectacular. From breakout hits to collaborations with some of the industry's finest, he's cemented his place among the big names. And "Back to You" with Ed Lev and Lian Gozlan? It's nothing short of a masterstroke that assures us that PVNDA's not going anywhere but up.

Get your sunglasses, grab a cocktail, and let "Back to You" be the soundtrack of your summer. It's a must-have in every playlist!

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