Truth x Lies Ignites Dance Floors with "Esta Vaina" – A Tropical Tech-House Masterpiece! 🌴🎶


Truth x Lies is at it again! The dynamic duo has returned to the much-revered Hau5trap imprint, this time with the sizzling tech-house gem, "Esta Vaina". After previously lighting up the scene with a scintillating remix of Afrojack's 'Polkadots' and the chart-busting "Caroline", this pair proves they're far from a one-hit-wonder.

“Esta Vaina” is not just a track; it's a sensory experience. It bursts onto the scene with infectious Latin rhythms and an unshakable bassline, winding and weaving through evocative strings and vivacious horns. The true beauty of the piece, though, is in the masterful manipulation of vocals into ethereal, synthesizer-like tones, creating an intricate, mesmerizing weave of sound. As you lose yourself in the drop, you can practically feel the tropical breeze and taste the salt in the air.

Ian Bertles and Ryan Howards have managed to do it again, building upon their signature sound and producing a track that will undoubtedly become the anthem of summer fiestas everywhere. As they prepare to take North America by storm with their fall tour, "Esta Vaina" is proof that Truth x Lies have their finger on the pulse of the tech-house world.

With a release date set for July 28 via Hau5trap, be prepared to surrender to the magnetic allure of "Esta Vaina", a musical treasure destined to ignite dance floors around the globe.


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