Cherry Tooth's "Ooh La La" - A Tech House Triumph


In the pulsating world of Tech House, a new anthem has arrived that's set to ignite dance floors and music playlists alike. "Ooh La La" by the remarkably talented Cherry Tooth is not just a track; it's a sonic journey destined to captivate listeners and dancers around the globe. Released on IN / ROTATION, this masterpiece showcases Cherry Tooth's evolution from a prodigious cellist to a formidable force in electronic music production.

From the tender age of six, Cherry Tooth's musical voyage began with the cello, laying a classical foundation that enriched his understanding and appreciation of music. By twelve, he was already experimenting with electronic music production, crafting drum and bass beats that resonated within the walls of venues he was too young to step into. Now, with over a decade of experience under his belt, Cherry Tooth is not just releasing music; he's creating experiences that transcend the ordinary.

"Ooh La La" is more than a debut; it's a statement. Following the success of his initial single "Way Too Good" on Sink or Swim, his collaboration with J. Worra on "Dancing At The Disco" via Insomniac Records, and the electrifying "CC" on Terminal Underground, Cherry Tooth is rapidly becoming a name synonymous with innovation and energy in the Tech House scene.

This track is a testament to Cherry Tooth's musical maturity and his ability to blend intricate rhythms with captivating melodies, a skill honed from his early days as a cellist. "Ooh La La" is poised to be not just a hit, but an anthem that defines the summer for Tech House enthusiasts and club-goers.

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