Helax Reignites the Deep House Scene with "Tell Me Tell Me"


Swedish producer Helax, known for his influential work in the dream-pop duo The Ghost Of Helags and the electronic act Brynäs, is making waves in the deep house genre with his latest single, "Tell Me Tell Me." Now based in Berlin, Helax's journey from Uppsala has been one marked by innovation and a keen ear for blending genres. With his newest 2024 rendition of "Tell Me Tell Me," taken from an eagerly awaited album set to drop in spring 2024, Helax is set to redefine the boundaries of deep house music.

"Tell Me Tell Me" showcases Helax's mastery in crafting tracks that are not only groovy and bass-heavy but also enriched with an epic twist towards the end, setting it apart from conventional deep house tracks. This song is a testament to his versatility, merging elements from his diverse musical background with the rhythmic beats of Deep House.

Helax's move to Berlin has evidently inspired a fresh take on his musical direction, as evident in this latest offering. His previous work with The Ghost Of Helags and Brynäs, alongside his brother and members of the Anglo-Swedish indie band Alberta Cross, has laid a solid foundation for his solo ventures. "Tell Me Tell Me" is not just a track but an experience, promising to captivate listeners with its powerful bass lines and intriguing progression.

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