MiNOA's Latest Track "More Mud More Lotus" - A Soulful Journey Through Resilience


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, MiNOA stands out with her latest offering, "More Mud More Lotus". This track is a celebration of the resilient growth of lotus flowers, serving as a metaphor for human growth and emergence from life's challenges. It's a testament to MiNOA's ability to blend deep, meaningful themes with her unique sound.

Hailing from Sweden and now based in Barcelona, MiNOA is not just a music producer but a live artist whose music is a galactic fusion of soul and underground slow techno. "More Mud More Lotus" showcases her talent for crafting tracks that are as thought-provoking as they are musically rich. Her use of a wide variety of beats, analog synthesizers, and charismatic vocals create an immersive experience that she describes as a "cozy galactic journey".

MiNOA’s live performances are a spectacle of talent, where she combines singing and rapping with a mastery of electronic controllers. This approach not only sets her apart in the genres of Tech House, Melodic Techno & House, and Deep House but also brings a refreshing authenticity to the electronic music scene.

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