Peter Vogelaar - "Let Love Happen" ft. Cat Dowling


Peter Vogelaar returns with his emotive and vibrant deep house track "Let Love Happen," marking his third collaboration with the talented Cat Dowling. This latest release encapsulates the deep, immersive sound that Vogelaar is known for, blending heartfelt lyrics with captivating beats that resonate with listeners.

Growing up just a half-mile apart, Vogelaar and Dowling share a unique bond, reuniting after 20 years to create music that speaks volumes. "Let Love Happen" is not just a song; it's a narrative of reconnection, showcasing their mutual passion for music. The track, written and recorded last summer, carries a message that remains relevant, emphasizing the timeless essence of letting love guide us.

Peter Vogelaar's influence by artists like Christian Löffler, Bonobo, and Four Tet shines through in his production, creating a sound that's both deep and expansive. His sophomore album, "Inner Creatures," received critical acclaim, with standout tracks like "Inpulses" achieving significant playlist success.

Vogelaar's music journey, from raves to remixes for artists like Josh Ritter and collaborations with Evan Miles and HAELIUM, illustrates his versatile talent. His work has not only been embraced by the likes of Sasha and Kölsch but also featured on platforms like HBO and NBC, proving his music's wide appeal.

With "Let Love Happen," Peter Vogelaar continues to push the boundaries of deep house, offering listeners an immersive, emotive experience. This track reaffirms his position as a significant figure in the electronic music scene, promising more innovative and captivating music in the future.

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