Spotlight on Drew Dapps – The Rising Star of Minimal House Music



Discover the enchanting world of Drew Dapps, a San Diego-based boutique house artist whose sound is redefining the Minimal House and Deep House music scene. With a unique blend of deep, infectious grooves, vibrant basslines, and lush chord play, Dapps is quickly becoming a household name in the electronic music community.

Originally from Las Vegas, Dapps began his musical journey producing hip hop beats, quickly garnering a following. However, it wasn't long before he discovered his true passion lay within the realms of house music. Moving to San Diego in 2019 marked a significant turn in his career as he delved deep into the local house scene, drawing inspiration from the sounds of minimal/deep tech. This shift in focus led to countless hours in the studio, honing his craft and producing tracks that have resonated on a global scale.

Dapps's dedication has propelled him to international stages, captivating audiences throughout Latin America and earning accolades along the way. His tracks have climbed the Beatport house charts, amassing millions of streams worldwide, and gaining nods from esteemed publications like EDM Identity and Beatradar. Moreover, his talent has been recognized by industry giants such as John Summit and HoneyLuv, signaling his undeniable ascent in the music world.

Reflecting on his journey, Drew Dapps embraces the challenges, stating, “The artist’s journey is anything but a smooth ride, but I find that to be a beautiful thing.” This resilience, coupled with his innovative sound, makes Drew Dapps an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of house music.

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