UPZ x Kali Mija x Salvador - Some Lovin'

In the ever-evolving landscape of house music, the return of UPZ, pronounced U.P.Z., is a notable event that signifies both a resurgence and a reinvention within the genre. After a four-year hiatus, Avi Elman, the South African-Israeli DJ and producer behind the UPZ moniker, marks his comeback with "Some Lovin'," a collaborative effort with Johannesburg's rising talent, Salvador, and the soulful Kali Mija on vocals. This track is a smooth confluence of deep house rhythms, melding warm synths and smooth drums with a unique touch of logs, all complementing Kali Mija's edgy vocals in a seamless blend that's both refreshing and nostalgic.

UPZ's journey in the music industry is storied and spans various continents and influences. From his debut CD album release in Japan via Rambling Records to chart-topping hits in South Africa like "Pure Surprise," UPZ has left an indelible mark on the house music scene. His collaborations with leading record labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Defected/Hi Rise, and Objecktivity, among others, showcase a versatility and an ability to stay relevant across the changing tides of music trends. His latest offering, "Some Lovin'," is no exception, serving as a testament to his enduring talent and evolving sound.

Salvador and Kali Mija, meanwhile, bring their unique flavors to the mix, enhancing the track's appeal. Salvador, known for his work with labels like Stay True, Atjazz Rec, and Candid Beings, brings a fresh production perspective that complements UPZ's seasoned expertise. Kali Mija, with her soulful and edgy vocal delivery, adds a layer of emotional depth to the track, making "Some Lovin'" a compelling listen.

As UPZ gears up for an album scheduled for 2023, "Some Lovin'" stands as a promising preview of what's to come. It encapsulates the essence of UPZ's sound—rooted in deep house but always looking forward, embracing new influences and collaborators. This track is not just a comeback; it's a redefinition of UPZ's musical journey, promising for both longtime fans and newcomers to the genre.

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